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About us

About Us

Federation of Acupuncture System of Therapy Board is established to promote Acupuncture system of Therapy to the Society, is an the autonomous board to provide education training, Internship, examination control to maintain the Registered Acupuncture Practitioner(RAP).Board foundation endeavors to impart core knowledge in the stream of Alternative Medicine mainly in Acupuncture, Acupressure.

Our Stated course aims to educate and inspire professional acupuncturists, who will practice with a clear working understanding of Indian Chinese philosophy, as well as the theory and practice of Indo Chinese Medicine. Provide Students with the necessary skills to practice acupuncture safely and competently upon graduation. This will include skills for patient assessment and diagnosis, as well as accurate and informed use of Acupuncture and massage skills.

Provide students with skills needed to become a competent and effective health care practitioner .Develop reflective practitioners who are able to identify personal and professional goals for continuing professional development and lifelong learning". "Provide students with a sound basis of professional experience and reflection for their responsibilities as practicing Practicing Acupuncture Therapy.

The course has much to offer to prospective students. Over the years our course has grown and matured, reaching a depth of learning that encompasses all aspects of acupuncture. Teaching material and methods, both for practical and theoretical sessions, are continuously reviewed and end enhanced, in order to maximize the whole student experience. As students advance through the course, they experience more practical clinical work and less theory, as they build towards becoming competent and confident practitioners.